Will McBride: Malerei


A second-hand art book by Will McBride.

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A second-hand booklet covering the paintings of American-German artist Will McBride (1931 – 2015). The booklet was published in 2005 and may have been an exhibition catalogue or a compilation for the press. 36 pages in color.

Will McBride’s photos have been published in numerous glossy photo books over the years, but his paintings have not yet received the same recognition. This is reflected in this thin booklet, which has an almost amateur feel to it. It is stitched with two staples and seems to be digitally printed at the local copy shop. Nevertheless, the booklet is a sweet collection of Will McBride’s most iconic works in this area. It includes a short foreword by Klaus Honnef, a press release and a closing statement by the artist.

We have one copy of this booklet in stock. It is in acceptable condition with a few wrinkles around the spine. It will ship from Germany. German magazine VAT of 7 % will be added for customers within the EU.


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