Shallow Tourist

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Photo book by Moot. 80 pages in full color. Choose print, download or both.

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Shallow Tourist is a sublime and sexy trip to Central and Eastern Europe, as documented by its secretive author Moot on 80 pages in full color.

  • Title: Shallow Tourist
  • Author: Moot
  • Publisher: Entartetes Leben
  • Release date: 26th October 2011
  • Language: English introduction (the rest is photos)
  • Number of pages: 80
  • Size: 190 x 148 mm
  • ISBN: 9789197990806 (print edition)
  • ISBN: 9789187773051 (PDF edition)

Shallow Tourist quickly became “staff’s pick” at book shops both in Berlin and in Tokyo.

The book is printed in 750 copies. It is also available as a PDF download.

“Jungs und Männer irgendwo zwischen Schutzalter und Volljährigkeit, mal mehr mal weniger bekleidet, findet man(n) ‘naturgemäß’ darin. Aber auch Bushaltestellen, Landschaften und Essensreste …,  denn dieses kleinformatige Coffee-Table-Book ist eine Reisebericht in Bildern durch den Osten Europas. Arty, sexy, schick!”



Shibuya Publishing

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