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Black and white boy photo poster.

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Smoking Boy 1 is a black and white art print from the 1970s.

The photo was shot in Naples, Italy, in 1978 by the legendary yet secretive photographer Nicola, who documented boy life in southern Europe in the 1970s.

The print measures ca 50 x 70 cm, which is a common frame size in Europe.

With the publication of Nicola’s photos as art prints in 2018, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of their creation.


  • ca 50 x 70 cm (19.69 x 27.56 inches) including the passepartout (white area).
  • Black and white motive, scanned and printed in full color for maximum quality.
  • Digitally printed in 10 copies.
  • 235 gram glossy photo paper.
  • Ships in a roll without frame.
  • Ships worldwide.

Note: A few posters have a slight double print of the text at the bottom. This does not affect the photo and is a natural part of independent publishing. Those posters will ship last.


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