Olympia 1936 volume I & II


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These two Olympia 1936 volumes cover the Winter Games 1936 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (volume I) and the Summer Games 1936 in Berlin (volume II). The first volume also includes a preview of the Berlin games, and a summary of the Olympic Games throughout the ages.

The books are mainly in black and white, but with some pages in color. Each volume contains a number of loose photo prints that the reader can paste in the right places on the pages. The photos in volume II have already been pasted, but the photos in volume I are still loose, so you can paste them yourself! There are more than a hundred photos in each volume. We have not checked if any of them are missing, but the previous owner was meticulous and has even kept the envelopes that the photos came in (included in the back of volume 1), so there’s a good chance that all photos are included.

The books for sale have only had one owner. He received the books as a gift from a German business associate. There is a dedication to the owner in volume II.

The Berlin 1936 Olympics are sometimes called the Nazi Olympics. The volumes contain Nazi imagery.

The books are sold as a double product – it is not possible to only buy one of them.

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