Premier issue of Made in the USA from 1994.

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Collector’s item: This is the premier issue of the boy photo magazine Made in the USA (MUSA) from 1994. It is only available in print, and we have very few copies of it.

  • Issue 1, published in summer/fall 1994
  • 48 pages (52 including the cover)
  • Format: 215 x 278 mm
  • Black and white photography on glossy paper
  • Images only + a preface by the editor
  • Contributors: Renato Corazza (editor), Chuck Dodson, Nat Black, Eggeling, Gianni Fusco, David Bowen.

Made in the USA was published by Renato Corazza in the 1990s. It was a pictorial tribute to the boy, in black and white photography and collages. Many of the photos are classics from the early web. The magazine is an important and inspiring document of the boy and his admirers in the 1990s.

All photos are safe, check the previews to get an idea of the general style.

One voice described the magazine thus:

Made in the USA is a veritable encyclopedia devoted to the delights of boys.”

Made in the USA is a rare magazine. We have obtained a very limited set of copies of MUSA 01. The magazines are new as in previously unsold and unread, but their condition is “good” to “acceptable” due to how they have been stored; some copies have a damaged spine. We will ship those copies last, so the earlier you place an order for MUSA 01, the bigger the chance you will get a copy in good condition. (Even if a copy has a damaged spine, the photos and pages inside the magazine are still in good condition.)

Update 2021: We now put MUSA 01 on sale, so you should expect a copy that is slighty damaged!


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