Gay Man’s Worst Friend

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This is the story of Destroyer magazine, as told by its editor Karl Andersson. Choose print or download.

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The book Gay Man’s Worst Friend – the Story of Destroyer Magazine by Karl Andersson. In English. 128 pages. Published in March 2011. 

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Description from Amazon

The first issue of Destroyer magazine dropped like a bomb in May 2006. For the first time since the 1970s, a gay magazine dared to openly celebrate the beauty of the teenage boy, in words and pictures.

Reactions were fierce. The Swedish LGBT establishment cried out against the magazine, claiming it “gave gay people a bad name”. Neo- Nazis were just as upset, and the Ombudsman for Children demanded a change in the law to make the magazine illegal. A police investigation was instigated and Destroyer’s editor Karl Andersson was summoned to an interrogation.

Gay Man’s Worst Friend is not only the thrilling story of Europe’s most controversial gay magazine, told from Stockholm, Prague and Berlin. It’s also the story of the gay movement in the 21st century. The outraged reactions to Destroyer expose hidden power structures and show how gay identity has been steadily shrunk over recent decades, excluding ever more expressions of homosexuality.

Rants and raves

What this slender book does is chart the magazine’s history and backlash, presenting a calm rational response to the hysterical screams of paedophilia. It is, on the whole, quite convincing. —Gay Times, UK

It’s an exciting contemporary history that is told about hard work, about vulnerability, about being in-your-face.Aftonbladet, Sweden

The novella-sized memoir exhaustingly tells the story of creating the zine, from driving to the printing press to detailing each phone interview given to random European gay weeklies —Out, US

Andersson succeeds in a calm and reasoned look back at the hysteria that Destroyer caused. —Zizo Magazine, Belgium

Although Gay Man’s Worst Friend only has 128 pages, Andersson presents an overload of material for serious reflection on the direction of the gay community of today. —Gay News, Netherlands

Gay man’s worst friend is backSvenska Dagbladet, Sweden

Karl Andersson explains his love for youths with the help of Michel Foucault, Camille Paglia, and texts from ancient Greece. […] The fascinating book about Destroyer has just come out.Expressen, Sweden

The book is printed in 500 copies.

ISBN: 9789163368998

About the Appendix

Released in April 2011. 32 pages in full color.

The Appendix is an illustrated guide to some of the chapters of the book, containing press clippings and behind the scenes photos. It also contains some of the best content from Destroyer, for example the interview with Cosidetto from issue 2 (sold out), as well as some previously unpublished photos by our best photographers.

The Appendix is framed by two black and white nudes by Will McBride and D.H. Mader.

If you don’t want to buy the book, the Appendix is also available separately here.

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  1. Varley

    As a gay teenage boy, it inirufates me that Destroyer was the subject of condemnation by LGBT organizations worldwide. We gay teenagers exist, we are apart of the LGBT sub-culture, yet when the topic of sexuality comes up in regards to young gay boys, it is condemned.Karl Andersson did nothing more than face reality and actually gave us a stage to be seen on. I commend him for not giving into the low blows and Fascist responses from these organizations.

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