Golden Boys 01


Six unique photo cards.

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A unique set of six photo cards in color and black & white, shot in southern Italy in the 1970 by the Swedish amateur photographer called Nicola.

Includes an inset with a short interview with the photographer.

Each photo has been digitized from the film slide and carefully restored by hand. All but one card have glossy (UV varnished) front sides and matte back sides which are easy to write on.

The photos provide a unique glimpse into the lives of boys in Naples, Syracuse and other Italian cities some 40 years ago. They are part of a larger digitizing project, with the aim to bring back lost photos from a lost era.

The photo set has anthropological value and is archived by the Royal National Library of Sweden. It is available at six university libraries in Sweden.

  • 6 cards with mainly blank backsides
  • ISBN 978-91-87773-28-0
  • Released in March 2017

By ordering this photo set, you contribute to the continuous digitization of Nicola’s photos.


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