Destroyer Fiction 01 PDF


The first part of Destroyer’s short story series.



Destroyer Fiction 01 contains the first part of G. Cutter’s exciting story Jo’s Boys.

Only available as a download!

Meet 22-year-old Jo and his young friends Florian and Lorenzo.

The story is a pure fantasy. It contains text only.

Destroyer Fiction is an erotic short story series featuring boys. It was originally published as a “literary supplement” to Destroyer 02 (2006) and Destroyer 04 (2007).

  • 16 pages (PDF, 1.9 MB)
  • In English
  • All fiction
  • No images
  • White background

The original printed version was released as an inset in Destroyer 02 in 2006. (Destroyer Fiction 01 is included in Destroyer 02 if you prefer to buy that magazine, which is also only available as a PDF download.)

Since this product is download only, you do not need to provide your address. But use a valid email address for the download link.

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