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About Enta Leben

Enta Leben is a small publisher of books and magazines in the area of art and politics.

Our publications are frequently reviewed and discussed in international press. Some of them have been exhibited in art shows. You can read all our publications either at the Royal National Library of Sweden in Stockholm or at the German National Library in Leipzig or Frankfurt. In addition, they are available on Amazon and in selected art bookshops.

Enta Leben is based in Berlin since 2006.

Ordering information

Most publications are available in print or as downloads – choose your version on the product page.

  • Items ship weekly from Berlin, Germany, in quality non-see-through envelopes or cardboard boxes.
  • Downloads are accessible immediately upon payment with credit card.
  • VAT will be added for customers within the EU.

Destroyer was published in ten issues between 2006 and 2010. The controversial “journal of Apollonian beauty and Dionysian sexuality” remains our most popular title. Packaged as smashing pop culture, the magazine contained critical articles in the area of sexual politics.

Destroyer caused many reactions, which are described in detail in the book “Gay Man’s Worst Friend”, which made headlines in LGBT press worldwide.

The magazine

Almost all of the 10 original issues of Destroyer are available in print (all except issue 2), and all 10 of them are available as downloads – choose your options on the product page. If you want to buy all downloads at once, choose the discounted bundle.

The book and the t-shirt

The book about Destroyer is available in print and as a download – choose your options on the product page.

The Appendix contains extra material in full color, in print or as a download. If you add the Appendix as an option on the book’s product page, it is discounted. The Appendix is also available separately.

A few original Destroyer t-shirts from 2007 are still available.

Entartete Shota

Entartete Shota was our attempt to bring the best Japanese shotacon manga to Europe. The first two issues were published in 2012 as a response to a legal discussion in Sweden. There are currently no plans for a third issue.

Available in print or as a download – choose your options on the product page.

Breaking Boy News

Breaking Boy News was an art project dealing with the aesthetics of news. The project went on between 2011 and 2014, and was exhibited in 2015-2016 at Isabella Bortolozzi Gallery in Berlin.

“Breaking Boy News is genuinely WTF.” –Vice

Available publications are the tabloid newspaper, the full-color magazine, and the book about the project. You can also buy all three in a discounted bundle. Choose print or download on the product page.

The Lover

The Lover is a new journal of sexual politics, history and culture. It is available at the German National Library and in LGBT bookshops across Germany. The Lover has also been included in the collection of Schwules Museum in Berlin.


Curated batches of free images from public posts on social media.

Other titles

Unique antiquarian titles, vintage magazines, and our own one-shots.